About HR That Works

We launched HR That Works in 2001 after I left a successful employment practices litigation career. I realized that the win/lose mentality of litigation did little to help employers or their employees. Or me or the other lawyers for a fact.

With lots of hard work, we’ve pulled together a nationwide network of experts focused on helping employers and employees alike take responsibility for building powerful and profitable workplace relations. Common sense, not taking sides, is the mentality that governs our strategic thinking, training and tools.

Here’s what we believe:

Entrepreneurs and their employees are the backbone of America. That’s why we focus on helping companies with 15-500 employees.

  • The HR function can be a dynamic, strategic and profitable aspect of your business—if that’s what you will commit to.
  • The greatest HR risks relate to hiring practices, performance, training, retention, motivation, and lawsuits.
  • You can manage personnel law compliance in a way that builds relationships—not tears them down.
  • HR can create a competitive advantage. Southwest Airlines, G.E., and Costco are classic examples.
  • Work is important to our happiness and we should endeavor to be great at it!

HR That Works was acquired by ThinkHR as of January 2014. This will produce the merging of two amazing programs. Stay tuned for even more information!