Welcome to The Strategic HR Course!

Are you taking full advantage of the incredible HR opportunity? Fact is, if you want to take
your career to the next level, you can’t wait for the company to go first. You have to grab
this bull by the horns. As a member of HR That Works we want to give you a “jump start” opportunity. In this program, we’ll take you through a process designed to turn you in to a HR dynamo and improve your bottom line!

These eight Webinar sessions are sent to your inbox every other week. You can access all past webinars online at any time. You will have up to one year to complete the program and related assignments. As an HR That Works member all the tools referenced in the program will be available to you simply by logging into the program.

Note: this is NOT another program about legal compliance. It’s about growing a business and your career!

Click the interactive brochure below to learn about each of the career changing lessons in detail:

“This is an exceptional program for people who are in, transitioning to be in, or aspire to be in HR Management or Executive positions. I think that the only way you can be effective at this level is to think and be strategic in nature. Too many people get stuck in transactional HR. There is a huge difference between 10 years of experience and one year of experience ten times. While transactional HR is important in your developmental stages, there has to be a bridge to get you to the next level. They fail to see the bigger picture, that they need to view themselves as, and to be not HR experts, but business partners with HR expertise in order to advance. Once they come to this realization, they can then begin to prepare themselves for that role. This program looks like it is designed to actually prepare people for that seat at the table that they have been asking for. There’s nothing like being invited to a formal dinner and not knowing how to use the silverware. I have been to numerous HR conferences and sat through a number of webinars on various HR topics and have not seen anything even remotely as comprehensive as this program and the time you get to revisit and digest it makes it even more valuable. The Strategic Planning and Finance pieces are a definite “must” for your target audience here, and again I feel that this is an area that is severely lacking. This feels like having a mentor in a box. Our state SHRM conference registration is $750.00 and I don’t believe a single person could get this much specific growth opportunity from it. The real fun part of this is the respect that HR folks will receive as they begin to display these skills and surprise their superiors who are probably not expecting it. Once again, great job!”

- Alonzo L. Smith, SPHR, Vice President Human Resources, Plans and Administration
ThomCo Enterprises, Inc.